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Jumbo Lift 3200 NT HyperFlow

Hydraulic double scissor lift

Jumbo Lift 3200 NT HyperFlow

Item No:JLB032.0001000D-5001 Price: €6.545,00 Tax included
Jumbo Lift 3200 NT HyperFlow
Double scissor car lift Jumbo Lift 3200 NT f RAL5001 blue
Double scissor car lift Jumbo Lift 3200 NT s RAL5001 blue
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Brief description
Item No: JLB032.0001000D-5001
Lifting capacity: 3200 kg
Type Doublescissor lift
Color Blue

Jumbo Lift 3200 NT HyperFlow

The hydraulic double scissor lift Jumbo Lift 3200 NT HyperFlow with a capacity of 3200 kg is the perfect all-round lift for car workshops where speed, flexibility and reliability are in demand. With its small space requirement, its high lifting height of 2000 mm, the length-adjustable platforms and the flat design, it is the lift that no professional car workshop should be without. Whether for tyre changes, oil changes, work on the engine or the check-in inspection, for low-lying sports cars, SUVs or vans, the Jumbo Lift 3200 NT HyperFlow is ready to lift and lifted at lightning speed. The drive-on ramps can be unlocked and locked by one-hand operation in order to extend or shorten the platform. The Jumbo Lift 3200 NT HyperFlow is developed and manufactured by Nussbaum at its main plant in Kehl-Bodersweier in Baden-Württemberg.

  • Lifting time: 35 seconds / Lowering time 30 seconds
  • Capacity: 3200 kg
  • Effective lifting height of 2000 mm
  • Extremely flat construction: Drive-on height of only 105 mm
  • Length-adjustable mounting - drive-on ramps can be locked and unlocked by one-hand operation
  • Flexible mounting: Adjustable width, no compressed air access required
  • 360° access
  • Can also be installed flush with the floor: Jumbo Lift 3200 NT HyperFlow Unterflur
  • Three times guaranteed quality: Power unit, hydraulic cylinder and the complete lifting platform are tested before dispatch.
  • Developed and manufactured in Germany
  • Recommended by BMW (for similar lifts Jumbo Lift 3200 NT, Jumbo Lift 4000 NT)

All hydraulic Jumbo lifts are equipped with two redundant hydraulic circuits as standard: Nussbaum's patented NT hydraulic technology is complemented by HyperFlow® technology, introduced in 2016 and unique worldwide. HyperFlow® automatically balances the pressure of the hydraulic circuits at each full stroke. There is no need for manual compensation or maintenance.

With the "Nussbaum Commander" we are the only manufacturer of lifting platforms in the world that can offer you a precise, variable lowering speed. The Nussbaum Commander enables sensitive lowering and allows the user to change and correct positions in no time at all, all with maximum safety. The Jumbo Lift 3200 NT HyperFlow is not only safe, but also exceptionally flexible and can be installed in different installation widths as required. You want to Jumbo Lift 3200 NT HyperFlow install on the floor? Click here to go to the above ground version: Jumbo Lift 3200 NT HyperFlow Unterflur

TheJumbo Lift 3200 NT HyperFlow requires no compressed air at all. The four hydraulic cylinders require very little energy. The low power consumption, the continuous automatic compensation of the hydraulic circuits by the HyperFlow® system and the low maintenance requirements, also thanks to the reduced number of moving parts, reduce running costs. The operating lever "Nussbaum Commander" is attached to the power unit integrated in a metal housing. The control unit is connected to the lift only by the hydraulic hoses and can be positioned freely around the lift. The hydraulic hoses can be mounted on the workshop floor or in a protective metal housing on the floor as required. The double scissors are welded in Nussbaum's own state-of-the-art welding facilities, shot-peened and subsequently blau powder-coated. Your lifting platform is protected against dirt and weather for a long time.

Scope of delivery

Hebebühne mit pulverbeschichteter Direktaufnahme, CE-STOP, Kompaktes Unterölaggregat, Aufstellung Auffahrrichtung links oder rechts möglich, Länge der Hydraulikleitungen 1 m, 1 Satz = 4 Stück superduktile Polymerauflagen 50 x 150 x 340 mm

Installation requirements

Fundament (min. 160mm / mit Qualität min. C20/25), 12 Dübel BM10-15/70/40, (abhängig vom Fundament, siehe Prüfbuch), Hydrauliköl HLP ISO 32, Füllmenge ca. 13 Liter, Elektroanschluss 3 PH, N + PE, 400 V, 50 Hz, Absicherung 16 Amp. träge, Entladung

Capacity 3200 kg
Installation type above ground
RAL color RAL 5001 - Blue
Coating Powder coating
Platform length min 1460 - 2060 mm
Recommended installation width 2020 mm
Lifting height max. 2000 mm
Synchronization system
Platform width 610 mm
Platform height 105 mm
Drive on height 105 mm
Installation width min. 2020 - 2120 mm
Total width min 2020 - 2120 mm
Lifting time 35 sec
Lowering time 30 sec
Oil quantity (approx.) 14 liter
Electrical connection (Ph/V/Hz) 3 Ph , 400 V , 50 Hz
Engine power 3 KW
Fuse protection
Foundation length 2100 mm
Foundation width 2060 mm
Concrete thickness 160 mm
Concrete quality C20/25
Noise level (<=) 70 db
Customs tariff number 84254100

Product Dimensions 1750mm x 770mm x 770mm
Total weight 920kg
Stackable 2 times
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